DJI Education Hub-Advanced Account-A4


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DJI Education Hub-Advanced Account-A4

1-year single license for anyone of advanced users,

members of small organizations

For schools, education and institution

to use with Robomaster-EP,  Robomaster-EP Core

and Robomaster-Tello Talent

Please use contact to request quote.

Licenses will be delivered to email within 3 days



DJI Education Hub is a powerful solution for empowering practical
learning in tech innovation, by integrating with DJI’s robotic
offerings and providing comprehensive tools that support a
wide range of teaching scenarios.

WHERE does it stand out?

Diverse Educational Resources for Teaching
Teachers will have easy access to course resources and question banks for all age groups to help them create exam forms, schedule exams, and complete learner evaluations efficiently. Teachers can create their own customized instruction format specific to their needs.

Ignite the Future

WHO is it for?
Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Scratch & Python
STEM Educators

WHEN would it be used?
STEAM-Based Classrooms
Coding Courses (Scratch & Python)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Learning
Custom Programming Projects

Fun and Simple for Programming Learning
DJI Education Hub comes with Rogram , a new programming interface for teaching learners to use Scratch and Python coding languages, to create innovative robotics programs. Rogram is easy to use and the programs it makes are compatible with more than 130 different types of robots, including a full lineup of DJI robotics products.

New Interactive Simulator for Practicing
DJI Education Hub also features the new DJI Robotics Simulator, which includes a 3D physics engine that adds realism to the simulation environment by mimicking the characteristics of an actual working machine, including its joint structure and reproducing the effects of collisions, friction, and resistance.
Combined with a diverse range of application scenarios, this simulator delivers a more intuitive and practical experience to programming learners. Teachers and learners can also debug programs in the
simulator and link them to an actual robot for concurrent testing, enabling the seamless integration of virtual and real-time processes.


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