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DJI RoboMaster TT (Tello Talent) Drones, SIngle


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Product Highlights:

  • Aerial Robotics: Can develop various functions
  • Artificial intelligence drone
  • Drone swarm feature
  • DJI drone technology


Shipment with each package


  • RoboMaster TT (propellers and propeller guards included) x1
  • Flight Battery x1
  • Spare Propellers x2 pairs
  • Mission Pads x4
  • Micro-USB Cable x1
  • Propeller Removal Tool x1
  • Open-Source Controller x1
  • Dot Matrix Display and Distance Sensing Module x1
  • Extension board x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1

Optional: order for extra batteries and charging hubs

can be requested for bundle order only with product codes below.

RM-TT-BATTERY, GB1-1100mAh-3.8V ($21.10)




Drone operation notes:

Please follow FAA guide line for recreation drone flying at the link Recreational Flyers & Modeler Community-Based Organizations (

General drone registration requirement is under the below clause from the link:

How to Register Your Drone (

  • All drones must be registered, except those that weigh 0.55 pounds or less (less than 250 grams) and are flown exclusively under the Exception for Recreational Flyers.

This RoboMaster TT product weights 99 grams and therefore within the exception for registration requirement.


Product Specification

The Tello Talent includes two parts: aircraft and expansion kit.

Aircraft: Red and Detachable Shell

  • Dimensions: 98 x 92.5 x 41mm
  • Takeoff Weight: 87 g (Including propellers and battery)
  • Maximum Flight Time:
    • 13 minutes (Excluding expansion kit)
    • 8 minutes (Including expansion kit)

Expansion Kit:

  • Open-Source Controller + Dot-Matrix Display & Distance Sensing Module: 12 g
  • New features:
    • The 5G Wi-Fi module is added to improve the stability of the drone connection, so that the drone can fly stably in a complex Wi-Fi environment, with lower latency as well as with reduced environmental dependence.
    • Add dot-matrix display and LED module, support color adjustment and display pattern editing, enhance flight display effect, strengthen information transmission ability, and provide more possibilities for drone display applications.
    • The TOF sensor is added to support distance measurement, which can be used for obstacle avoidance applications and enrich teaching and competition applications, such as automatic path planning, navigating mazes, etc.

Common Basic Specifications for Tello EDU and RoboMaster TT

  • Aircraft Tello EDU (Ryze)/RoboMaster TT(DJI) Weight 87 g (Propellers and Battery Included)
  • Dimensions 98 x 92.5 x 41 mm
  • Built-in Functions Range Finder, Barometer, LED,
  • Vision System, 2.4 GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, 720p Live View
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Flight Performance: Max Flight Distance 100 m
  • Max Speed 8 m/s
  • Max Flight Time 13 min
  • Max Flight Height 30 m Battery Capacity 1100 mAh
  • Camera Photo 5MP FOV 82.6° Video 720p@30fps Format JPG (Photo); MP4 (Video)
  • EIS: Yes
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities

Supporting Operating Systems for Tello Apps and Development Tools

  • Windows
  • Android™ 8 and later for Tello app running on phone
  • Linux
  • MAC

Development Tools

  • Python
    • The most popular high-level programming language
    • Many image-recognition libraries
    • Platform: Plaintext SDK 5
  • Micro-Python
    • Use Python scripts to control hardware.
    • Micro-Python is a full Python compiler and runtime environment that runs on micro-controller hardware.
    • Platform: Mind+
  • Arduino
    • Open-source hardware and software
    • Platform: Mind+ and Arduino IDE
  • Scratch

Product and Accessories Warranty Period from DJI manufacturer

Component Warranty Period
Aircraft 12 Months
Battery 6 Months, No Cosmetic Damage and Corrosion, and Charge Cycle less than 200 Times
Open-Source Controller 12 Months
Dot-Matrix Display & Distance Sensing Module 12 Months
Propellers and Accessories No Warranty
Extension Board No Warranty

Defective product return: Please send defective RoboMaster TT within warranty period to DJI.  For product under warranty support, please contact DJI at 1-818-235-0789.

Additional information

Weight 14.11 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2.5 in


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